We need more than your support. We need your help.


After two years and four surges, COVID-19 has claimed the lives and health of too many in our area. Since the start of the pandemic, over 46,000 people in our communities have been infected. Over 480 have died.

Every day, our healthcare workers stand on the front lines to fight. They fight a daily battle in a war that shows no sign of ending. They’ve been there for you through every surge, missing precious time with their own families by working extra shifts in order to keep you safe.

Our care teams have reached a breaking point. They’re physically exhausted, mentally drained, and emotionally shattered.

That’s why we’re asking for your help.

What can I do?


Get your vaccine.


It’s free. It’s easy. And it works.

For both of our hospitals, the vast majority of our COVID
patients are unvaccinated.

Hospitalization rates for people 12 years and older who
are not vaccinated are 8 to 10 times higher than for
those who are vaccinated, and we’re seeing this same
trend across our hospitals. These vaccines are proven to
be safe and are incredibly effective at preventing severe
COVID and death.

Get your booster.


A booster isn’t an extra shot, it’s essential to making sure you have maximum immunity against all current variants.

We can’t say it simply enough: Choosing not to be
vaccinated is prolonging the pandemic and costing lives.
If every eligible person in our communities becomes
vaccinated and boosted, it would go a long way toward
relieving the crisis our teams are facing daily in our
clinics, emergency departments, and inpatient units.

Wear your mask

It doesn’t mean you’re afraid. It doesn’t mean you’re giving in. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you value your neighbors’ health as much as our own.

If you need to be tested

Please do not visit our emergency departments. Talk with your primary care provider or visit an urgent care center or local testing site instead. This helps us more than you can imagine.

Free testing kits are also offered by the federal government without cost to you. Visit their webpage to order 4 free at-home COVID-19 tests.

If you’re sick

If you are experiencing mild COVID symptoms, visit your primary care
provider rather than coming to our emergency departments. With our
team members stretched thin, we need to preserve the capacity of
our emergency rooms for patientswho are facing life-threatening emergencies and need immediate help.

Please — do your part

As we promise to always be there to care for our patients and community members, we are asking you – our family, friends, and neighbors – to please do your part for our healthcare workers.

Help us to be there for you, for your family, and for each other.